Insurance Investigations

Insurance Investigation


Insurance Investigations

Insurance claim investigations are a primary focus of Intel Group Investigation Services (IG).  The expense of handling exaggerated and fraudulent claims impact everyone through increased insurance premiums, IG understands the importance of working to help you mitigate the cost of handling fraudulent claims and lowering the administrative costs of claims management.  IG specialize in servicing a number of major insurance companies and independent adjusters.  Our experienced team of investigators have completed over 1,000 investigation and surveillance files.

Intel Group Investigation Services for Insurance Companies include the following:

  • Activity Checks
  • Degree of Disability
  • Employment Status
  • Restrictions
  • Limitations
  • Psychological Observations
  • Psychiatric Observations
  • Mode of Transportation
  • Wearing of Medical Aids
  • Caregiver/Housekeeper Activities
  • Bodily Injury Claims
  • Accident Benefit Claims
  • Life and Health Claims
  • Casualty Claims
  • Property Claims
  • Background Investigations
  • In Depth Statements
  • Employer Interviews and Income Verification
  • Witness Location & Statements
  • Reporting

As a long time provider of investigative services to the insurance industry, Intel Group has established a reputation as a leading investigative agency for insurance companies and independent adjusters. Whether it be Accident Benefits, Bodily Injury, Life, Disability or Auto/Property claims, IG has the experience required to handle your investigative needs in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner. Our reports are designed to set out the investigative findings in clear and concise terms for easy reference by the adjuster.

Intel Group will report our findings to you through the use of several mediums, including any combination of:

Written copy , electronically on DVD or USB and hard copy

Video, supplied on DVD or USB

Photographs – electronic on DVD or USB, plus supplied hard copy

Intel Group Investigation Services respects our clients through our commitment to training, best practices, ethics, the law, and confidentiality of information.

We deliver solid evidence. Trusted, objective, and factual proof — free from opinion or judgement.

We offer our clients responsible services. We are highly considerate of community practices, public safety standards and people’s expectation of privacy. We always conduct surveillance in the utmost discreet inconspicuous manner possible.

Our benchmark quality and years of experience can be trusted on every assignment. Above all else, for our clients we value discretion, provide resources to solve our clients needs with ingenuity, promote accountability in every aspect of the investigation for our client, and deliver success with a results oriented approach for every case we work.

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